How-To Style a Holiday Front Porch Scene

Our Work | November 16, 2020

It’s safe to say we’re all decorating for the holidays right? We’re so ready to fill our homes with festivity and joy, and that starts at the entrance. Today we’re showing you how we decorate our front porch for the holidays.

The first thing you need is a wreath, garnished with some ribbon. Bells are great to layer in, as well as other branches, greenery, or pine cones. We kept it simple with a Cedar Garland and a neutral ribbon with the prettiest stripe detail. Pro tip: We use clear command strips for the wreaths. 

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Start with something substantial: a pretty pot, basket, or decorative holiday buckets filled with mini trees or pine cones. We created a festive pot tutorial for your porch last year if you want to check that out. Pro tip: put the trees in a bucket of water in the vase or baked so they stay fresh! 

An indoor/outdoor rug or durable placemat is a must! Keep dirt out of the home, and anchor the design. If you have room for lanterns they bring a beautiful metallic touch.

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For this second look, we made the vintage sled a focal point and layered in some holiday buckets. Keeping rainboots at the door is functional, festive, and pretty. This time we used a thicker silk ribbon to pack a punch in this smaller space.

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And we’re never mad about a fluffy dog on the front porch!