Design Morgue

Our Work | March 15, 2008

We can find design inspiration everywhere!

I started compiling my little notebook of design inspiration years ago. I eventually outgrew it and now I keep all my little ideas in a binder. A design binder, or design morgue as I’ve heard it called, is a great way to discover your own style. Whenever you see a room you like cut it out and store it away. Once your collection has grown take it out and look for patterns or trends that you are drawn to. Maybe you never thought you liked purple but for some reason all your rooms have purple in them. Or perhaps you thought your style was more traditional although you’ve collected quite a few modern rooms.

If you’re like me your style is always changing. The key is to find rooms that you really love. That way when ever it is time to redecorate you won’t find yourself saying, “I wish I remembered what that room looked like”. It doesn’t just have to be rooms. It can be architecture, decor, designers, stores, art ect. When people say to me, “I don’t know what I like”. The best advice I can give is to start figuring it out.

Your own style doesn’t have to be pinned into one category. There are so many types. So get out those scissors and start collecting!