A Lesson on Color

Our Work | April 18, 2008

I love my color class. I have learned a new appreciation of the color wheel and the magic it can bring into a room. I think most people just kinda put whatever colors they think match in a room and don’t even realize there is a sort of science behind it.

Of course I think any colors done right can look good together but there are just some that automatically bring out the good in each other. So if you consider yourself “color-challenged” these are some simple color schemes to go with.



To achieve a monocrhromatic look is really simple. You only have to pick one color!! You can pick different tints or shades of the color but it must be just that one color. So with blue you can do light blue or dark blues together but to really achieve the look you would leave out blue-greens and blue-violets. The key with using one color is to really mix it up with pattern and texture. It has a chance to be a little boring but it can also really make a room look unified if you do it right.



This is done by using three or four colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. This Red,Yellow, Orange room is a great example. This makes a room really flow together. Just as the colors look good together on the color wheel they will look good together in your room.



This one can be really fun if done right. This look is achieved by using two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. It really makes a definite statement. Colors that are complimentary to each other will really play off each other. In this room the orange is enhancing the blue and the blue is enhancing the orange. Thus making each color really pop!

There are many other types of color schemes but these three are used the most and very easy to remember. Before picking out colors for a room don’t just think about the walls or just the fabrics but think how it will all work together!

All pictures from Pottery Barn