Final Project

Our Work | July 31, 2008

Okay so Current Project:
Green Hotel Room. Not Green as in the color but the concept. Although Lime green is one of the main colors. Green, dark wood, bamboo, white. It needs to be contemporary, clean and good for the earth. This is my LAST PROJECT in space planning and I am so happy!
Here are some pictures I like:

Guestrooms at Hotel Palomar Dallas
Here are some Products I like:


I have to have a sleeper sofa in the room and I like this modern looking one. Such cool design!

Organic Club Sofa in Hemp Fabric

This one is not bad and it’s organic! It’s upholstered in Hemp!

I like either of these two prints for above the sofa.
I LOVE this fireplace. It’s perfect! I am having a double fireplace to be visible from the bedroom and the seating area so this is perfect. It is ECO smart because it burns less.

Some ideas but more to come of course.