If Walls Could Talk

Our Work | October 22, 2009

So I have a big empty space in my kitchen just waiting for something large and fantastic. It is actually one of the first things you see when you walk in the house so it has to be awesome.
I have three ideas right now for this space.
#1 A plate wall. I see this as being my most expensive option considering I own no plates for this collection. I’d have to start from scratch. Here are some inspiration pictures:

#2 Some sort of chalkboard framed. I really like this option but I HATE writing on chalkboards. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. And although they do make dry-erase board paint I just don’t think it has the same effect.

#3 I would do some sort of photo collage. This would be fun and give me a chance to change it up a bit with new pictures.

What do you think? Vote for your choice on the poll on my sidebar. If you think of any other awesome idea for a blank wall in a kitchen let me know.