Hot or Not?

Our Work | November 24, 2009

Speaking of lamps, I bought some today. My dilemma is that I’m not sure they are right for my room. But at the same time they were such a good deal I can’t pass them up. Here is the story of my new Pier 1 Blue Medallion lamps…..
I went to Pier 1 because I had a gift card. I wandered around the store but wasn’t finding much. Then a giant blue lamp caught my eye. Of course it was 80 feet high up and I couldn’t see the price. An employee with a ladder was summoned and after climbing up she informed me they were $85. Gulp…..too much. But I hadn’t been able to find anything I liked and in reality $85 with a shade for a lamp that big isn’t bad. I told her I’d take it. As she was getting it down we spotted a clearance sticker. $21!!! On sale. Wow. What a deal. So of course it seems meant to be.
Here is the dilemma. They are the wrong blue. My navy is very dark and these are very bright.
Here is the lamp in the room. (yes I realize the shade is crooked). As you can see next to my pillows it is a much brighter blue. What to do. How can I pass up a lamp that is the perfect height and the perfect price but the wrong color? This is such a predicament and I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep or eat till it is figured out.