How to Hang a Picture Collage

Our Work | November 19, 2009

After reviewing my poll of what to hang on my Kitchen Wall I decided to go with a picture collage. This was your pick but it was also the least expensive option.
I dread hanging things and always make Josh do it, since he was out of town it was all up to me. So I googled a quick tutorial and found these lovely instructions on this blog.
The First step is to lay out all the pictures the way you want them to look on your wall.

Then I cut out paper to represent each frame. I simply traced each frame onto marker paper. Most of you probably don’t have giant sheets of marker paper lying around your house. Newspaper would work well too.
Then I labeled the papers and laid them on top of the frames. I poked a hole where I wanted the nails to go.
I forgot to take a picture of the next step but basically you tape the papers up on your wall where you want them to go.
Once the papers are in place you simply nail in the predetermined holes.
Then remove the papers, leave the nails, and hang your pictures. Ta Da!! This may be tedious but allows you to get it right the first time and saves your walls from thousands of tiny holes.
I like my little photo collage. It is fun to have a representation of our little family hanging by our kitchen table.