Per Request-Accessorizing your Home

Our Work | December 22, 2009

When accessorizing with nick-knacks, and collections I think the best advice is just to use your eye. But if you are looking for some helpful suggestions to get you started here are a few:
First, use odd numbers. One, three, five, seven, etc. It depends on what you are accessorizing.  You could have one large item on a table.  A coffee table could handle three or maybe five on a shelf.  I like to keep the heights differing.  Stack books, boxes or other objects to  create height.  
 Second, it is best to keep collections together and not spread out in your home. Put things of similar shape and color together.   Your collection of trophies, tea-cups, chinese artifacts or whatever will all look better close together.    

Third, I like to keep it personal.  Keep something out from a fun trip that brings back great memories.  A jar of sand from Hawaii perhaps.  Maybe your favorite painting or photograph.  These things don’t have to be expensive  but they still make a room feel rich.  
Fourth, something living is always a plus if you are able. I happen to have a black-thumb and can never keep any kind of plant alive.  But a bud vas with a single flower is nice or a potted plant is fun to have on your kitchen countertop.  It breathes life into your space.  If you are are like me and can’t do the living things then just try and bring the outdoors in.  Branches, pine-cones,  coral anything from nature that injects a sense of life into your home.
…and that brings me to my next point, texture. I love things that are interesting and have fun textures.  It is one of the key ingredients in a successful room.  
Fifth, some ideas of other things to decorate with would be candles, magazines, sculptures, trays and clocks. Seriously anything goes and like I said, use your eye and your best judgement and you’ll be fine. 

all images via ISuwanne, Eddie Ross or Nuestra Vida Dulce