Calendar Art

Our Work | January 14, 2010

It’s funny how when we first moved into our house I thought our Master bedroom would just be saved for last and we wouldn’t worry about decorating it. But I’ve found that things have just naturally come together in this room.
{don’t mind our giant brown dresser. I’m thinking of painting it?} 
We have this giant empty wall that we’ve been staring at and I knew it needed something great but we had less than $100 left in the decorating budget.  After I framed my two calendar prints above the nights stands I thought they might look good hung across the room on the empty wall.  I loved how it turned out.  Don’t mind the extra space. We normally have a t.v. there that I moved for the picture.  It takes up a lot of room so I had to hang the pictures higher.
The prints were from a calender I got at Anthropologie last month and the frames are from Big Lots. I never thought I would find beautiful frames with a mat and everything for less than $20 but I got these ones for $9.00 each!
The mats had a hideous faux marble thing going on but I simply spray painted all of them white and they looked a thousand times better.

So there you have it my friends.  A wall full of art for around $70 total.  Not bad if you ask me.