Jett’s Room

Our Work | January 18, 2010

My son’s name is Jett.  In designing his nursery I wanted to steer clear of the obvious airplane theme.  But guess what? I just couldn’t do it.  The airplanes kept calling to me.  But in the end I really like how it turned out. If I would have to describe this room in 3 words they would be; Adventure, Colorful and Sentimental. It is full of mementos from my husbands childhood and even has a few items from our travels.  The room is the tiniest room on the planet earth so I tried to make sure each item in it meaningful.
The crib is from Wal-Mart and the bedding I had made by this Etsy seller. She did an excellent job and it turned out exactly how I wanted.
The prints above the crib I got on Etsy from this seller.  All of his friends that sit in his crib were gifts.  The Elephant was handmade in Africa and a gift from my sister when she was down there last summer.  The rocking chair, pillow and teddy bear were all my husband’s when he was little.  The painting is of a church in Russia that I got when I lived there.
My mother-in-law gave me so many cute things from when my husband was little. Here is an alligator coat rack that he made when he was in school.  Hanging from it are two special outfits.  The white one is the one Jett was blessed in and the other is the one we brought him home from the hospital in. It also happens to be the same outfit my husband was brought home in when he was a newborn.
Remember this post?  Well since I wanted Jett’s room to have a semi-adventurous feel to it I loved these globes hanging from the ceiling. I got them at a Utah Idaho Supply store just down the street from my house.
They are my most favorite thing in this room.
I saw this cute display done at Antrhoplogie with a strand of paper airplanes.  I had my husband fold a whole bunch of them and I strung them together. They go from one wall to the other right over the crib and changing table.
I made a pelmet shade using Jenny’s tutorial. It totally changed the whole room when I put it up.
This little shelf is so fun.  The “J” was a gift. The globes all have special meaning behind them.  The tall one I got for my husband when I was in Russia, the middle one he had when he was in Brazil and the smallest one was a gift my parents got for me in Europe.  I love that picture of Jett.  The  little schoolhouse picture on the left was done by my husband’s grandmother.  It kinda looks like needlepoint and it  hung in his nursery when he was a baby.
I promised myself I wouldn’t use wall decals but the wall was so giant and tall and we had run out of money to do anything else on it.  I had gotten these a long time ago and decided to put them up. They are easy to take down if I ever want to do anything else.  The poster above the changing table is a reproduction of a vintage poster from the airline my husband flies for.
We bought the changing table on Craigslist and I changed out the knobs for some I bought at Alice Lane.  The two airplane models are my husband’s.
Thanks for visiting! I hope you survived the forever long tour.  It is a perfect little room for my little guy. I’m sure I’ll always be adding to it and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.