The Lamp Saga

Our Work | January 12, 2010

My poor husband. I keep returning our living room lamps and he is going crazy.  “I miss our lamps” he says.  We kept our last ones up until the very last day I had to return them and then they went back.  I never want anything in my home I don’t love and those lamps were definitely not my all time favorites.
But today after class I did stop by Home Goods and discovered these amazing beauties.
What do you think?  They are huge.  I wanted bigger lamps to make up for the tiny tables but these things are massive.  The picture does not do justice.  So I’ll be keeping the tags on them for now just in case I need to return them.
But here’s a questions. Do you like it better with the tray or not. I don’t know if a lamp looks a little weird on a tray but I kind of like it.  I have two of them so I could put one on each table.