Emily’s Nursery

Our Work | March 6, 2010

Look at this crazy-cool nursery my friend Emily designed for her little baby boy on the way.  
I asked her to share her design process with us and this is what she said:
“All I really knew about the nursery is that I wanted it to feel bright and welcoming and not scream “baby room”. My must-have elements were the built-in closet and changing table, a collage of prints, texture of some sort, and this weird shade of teal incorporated somehow. Basically the whole nursery was based on a teal sweater Russ has. I love him in it, and that was the only element I wasn’t flexible on. I had to have this teal color. So, everything was put together around it. 
Somehow the prints that we had been collecting over the years but never hung ended up being the same mustard yellow hues. So, I had two elements to work with, teal and mustard. Other moms kept telling me I was doing it backwards and that if I was smart I’d find baby bedding I loved first and match everything to that, oh well! 
 The last element we wanted was texture, so my husband installed the un-finished wood paneling.

 Slowly, everything started coming together, and much to everyone’s surprise I found bedding fabric that had the mustard color like in the prints, teal and light blue that matched the paint, the warmth of the pine paneling, and the rust color in the glider. I guess you can always get what you want! After the bigger elements were decided, adding handmade touches like the pelmet box, chalkboard, cross-stitch circles, and pillows brought everything together.” 
You can get more details on her blog as well as see where she got all the great items in this nursery!