My Favorite Spot: Jamie

Our Work | April 22, 2010

Perhaps it’s bad to admit it but Jamie is my favorite blogger. I love her style, I love her store and I love her personality. The day I found her blog was one of the best days of my life. I read the entire thing from the beginning. If you do not read her blog you are seriously missing out. Here is her favorite spot:


my favorite place in my home is in bed!  i’m a big sleeper – at least 9 hours a night.
i love my unmatched hotmess of framed photos, and my astrological map of the universe, that unbeknownst to me when i order it, glows in the dark.
here i do my magazine reading, book reading, jersey shore watching, cat whispering, facebooking and other general lazy activities.
Thanks Jamie! Looks comfy.