My Favorite Spot: Maureen

Our Work | April 24, 2010

Maureen of Inglenook Decor has such great style. She is an Interior Designer who knows just how to mix urban with cottage.  Here is her favorite spot:
 We actually live in a small condo right now that I’m trying to make my urban cottage until we get into a cottage cottage. I’m more country than modern really.
We have high ceilings and cement walls. The text art on the wall is a labor of love by me and my fiance. We just started it…it’s all the places we’ve been to together that means something to us,so when we have another memorable and meaningful trip together, we’ll add it on. I’m a little cheesy but it makes me happy to see it as it reminds me of the wonderful time we spent. It also reminds me that we haven’t been on international trips together! That will change soon. Because the place is small, we got those wooden stools that acts both as coffee tables and chairs, even a mini-dining table.And yes, that’s a flokati area rug on carpet. Only the foyer and kitchen have hardwood floors. 
 And the metal tree branch, I opted for this instead of a floor lamp, we have enough natural light coming on as the whole side of our unit is floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s very whimsical at night.
Make sure you check out Maureen’s blog to get more great ideas and inspiration!