My Favorite Spot: Michelle

Our Work | April 20, 2010

Michelle from Three men and a lady is such a talented designer.  She isn’t afraid to take risks and tackle projects on her own.  Every spot in her home is my favorite but I asked her what hers was and this is what she said:
One of my favorite places in my home is the den.  It’s a bit of Control Central.  A lot of things take place here and can be quite chaotic at times but I love it because the people Iove most are here.  We play a lot of games on the floor, color, read, blog and just spend time together as family. 
 Because it’s a room for family I didn’t want to take the decor too seriously.  It has bright colors and and a fun wall paper print that represent the enegry of the boys in my life and a bit of romanticism with the white curtains and antique chandelier interjected for me.  
It’s really functional with the storage and computer but also has a wall of family photos to balance it on the other side.  This is a room of togetherness and it just feels good to be in there.
Thanks so much to Michelle for sharing and make sure you check out the rest of her Home Tour.  You will die over her new guest room!