My Favorite Spot: Morgan

Our Work | April 17, 2010

Today I am leaving for a cruise to the Mexican Riveria!  I will not have internet access on the ship and I  am a little nervous about leaving my blog for a whole week!  Let’s hope my scheduled posts work out because I do have something special planned for all of you while I am gone.  I’ve collected some of my favorite bloggers to blog about their favorite spot in their home.  
I love Morgan from Pepper Design and was so delighted when she said she would participate.  I have her  starting us out with her favorite spot. 

A big thank you to Kirsten for letting me share one of my favorite little nooks in our home – and for giving me the opportunity to meet all of you!

Over the past year, my dining room has transitioned into a multi-functional space: it has played host to big dinner parties, quick breakfast bites, many craft projects and now functions as my new ‘office space’. While our home is under construction, I’ve relied on this little end of the table to keep me focused throughout the day so that I can keep up with my consulting business, blog about my favorite entertaining & home decor finds over at PDB, and relax (exhausted) after a hard day’s work with a glass of wine. I’m pretty sure that my favorite little parson’s chair has a permanent imprint of me by now.

The turquoise credenza is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house and was a neat find from a local San Diego antique store. My husband’s family purchased the beautifully refurbished buffet as a house warming gift after spotting me oggling over it (but clearly not in the position to buy after just having signed over our life savings). I gave it a bit more refurbishing love, replaced the knobs, and now use it to hold everything dinner party – from wine glasses to platters to napkin rings.

I also have a small affection for dark lampshades. They’re not the greatest at transmitting light but I love the contrast of the cool, crisp mirror base of this Pier 1 find with the dark black pendant shade. Fresh flowers are another obsession – especially brilliantly colored tulips that hang over the edge of their vase, kissing the table below (that’s my diy table runner from a recent baby shower that I played host to).

My puppy is the last reason I love this space so much. The black and white picture in the background must be from when he was about nine or ten weeks old. Now he’s a gentle giant that lies all day under this table over my feet, and when he’s especially annoyed that the computer gets more attention than him, across my lap, belly over my legs as he wait for me to finish.’

Morgan seriously has the best content on her blog.  She is such a sweetheart and her blog reflects her amazing design sense and personality. Check it out

I hope you are all excited to hear from my other guest bloggers. Here is the lineup for while I am out of town. 
Sunday: Leslie from A Room Somewhere
Monday: My Etsy Roundup!
Tuesday: Michelle from Three Men and a Lady
Wednesday: Shannon from Designer Gal and Her Handyman
Thursday: Jamie from I Suwanne
Friday: Paloma from La Dolce Vita
Saturday: Maureen from Inglenook Decor
Sunday: Marta from Marta Writes
Each spot is so fun to read about. Thanks to these ladies for participating and I’ll see you all when I get back from my cruise!