What I Love About… Christina from Full House

Our Work | April 29, 2010

The next participant in our “What I love about…” series is Christina from the beautiful blog, Full House

What I love about Christina:

If you have read Christina’s blog then you know how fabulous she is.  She had oodles and oodles of class and style. Her blog is my go-to place for interior eye-candy. Her posts are always full of the most beautiful images and inspiration. She has a set of twin girls and a set of triplet boys and still finds the time to keep up with her amazing blog. 

Here are her answers to a few questions I asked her about things she loves.   

What I love most about where I live:

Outside of the window in my bedroom is a beautiful citrus tree and whenever I look at it it makes me feel all warm inside.  That tree reminds me of why I love where I live.  I grew up around citrus groves here in the middle of the desert and even on hot summer nights the grove of trees help to absorb some of the heat ridden nights…it was always much cooler around my stomping grounds.  Oh the fun we had romping through the groves.  Then came spring and the sweet aroma from the citrus blossoms was enough to make me want to bottle it up and store it on a shelf of my all time favorite scents.  I keep telling myself that I am going to hang lights on that tree and stare at it when I go to bed.

I also love the state I live in for its diverse and very unique beauty that you can’t find anywhere else.  When you come to Arizona you will experience what I would like to call resort style living.  If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright then you can certainly find his many influences here in the valley.  Another thing I can not fail to mention is the amazing thrifting experiences to be had here..you see we have what some call snow birds and many people who thrived in the mid century and then retired here….which means a treasure trove is just waiting around every other corner.

What I love about Interior Design:

I love Interior Design because it helps fulfill my desire to create something. Interior Design speaks some sort of language that makes me very very happy. It is such a way to express oneself and anything that incorporates textiles is right up my alley. I still lay awake in bed trying to decorate a room in my head just like I did when I was awarded my first bedroom at the ripe age of 12. Don’t even think I didn’t have a 50’s style Minnie Mouse picture hanging in that room.

Oh and I love that others share a passion for Interior Design and make publications so that when I go to my mailbox and receive the latest issue to my favorite design magazines I can do the excited “I got my magazine” dance.   

What I love about blogs:

I love blogs for all of the friends and kindred spirits that I have found that share the same passions as I do.  I love blogs because it makes the world seem so much smaller and makes finding inspiration so assessable by just a short click of a mouse and a scroll down google reader lane.  Blogging for me has been such an outlet.  I discovered blogs while feeding my triplets..it took forever to feed them so I found that a laptop worked great for multi-tasking purposes.  I think the first blogs that I read were Nie Nie Dialogues, Pink Wallpaper, Habitually Chic, Style Court and Absolutely Beautiful Things.  I don’t even know how to narrow down my favorites because I love so may but here are a few off the top of my head (besides the before mentioned):
High Street Market (because she is an awesome treasure finder)
Dress, Design and Decor
Two Ellie
Coco and Kelley
The City Sage
Little Green Notebook
Design Sponge
What I love most about my life:

I love being a Mom.  My kids make me so happy and I love life because I get find great satisfaction in managing my home.  I love that my children inspire me to want to strive to be a better person.  On a daily basis I get to try and see how it is looking through their eyes and have never been so excited about some of the most simple things again.  I have the most amazing support group that consists of  a strong and witty husband, great family and friends who help to make me happy.

I find great pleasure in food and love finding new places to eat.  Just a few days ago my husband and I celebrated our anniversary and he had made reservations at a very nice restaurant.  I was so happy that he didn’t take offense when I suggested we find a brand new hole in the wall because he knows that those are the type of things that get me going.  I usually function best and am most content when I am flying by the seat of my pants and love to explore so my able working body makes me very happy.  It is not an uncommon scene to have music blasted while we have a dance party around these parts.  My sister can attest to that because I was trying to show her some of my moves and gave myself a black eye…anyway…there is so much to love about life.

What I am loving right now:

Right this very second I love Lonny Magazine, Steven Gambrel, Jenna Lyons, 1st Dibs, Terax Hair conditioner (I need to try Moroccan oil), Arizona Highways and just for kicks because I already listed more than 3..I love it when they showcase all of the people who are having birthdays who are 100+ on the Today Show:-)… seriously.

Thanks to Christina for participating and check out her blog!