Feature Friday: Love Where You Live

Our Work | May 21, 2010

Susan, of the blog Love Where you Live, is sharing her little beach cottage with us today.  She finished her remodel about 2 1/2 years ago.  It’s her little retreat from the cold winter in Colorado where she lives. 
Susan decorates with things picked up from travels . . . like the buddhas (one from Holland and one from TX Hill Country). 
The Kitchen
She gets her roses from a bush in her front yard.  
The Guest Room
Susan describes light fixtures as icing on the cake.  All her guests love staring up at this light fixture in her guest room. 
Her Bedroom
The Bathroom
She loves shells.  She spends a lot of  time combing the beach since she lives just a block from Galveston’s seawalll. 
Check out her blog for more details on her fabulous beach home!