Feature Friday: Live Creating Yourself

Our Work | June 4, 2010

All I can say about Alaina’s home is wow! I am in love with every single space.  Her blog Live Creating Yourself features her home tour and I asked her if I could share it with you today. 
She describes her style as budget-friendly, comfort chic. She is a 24-years-old, works from home on a non-profit salary, and lives with two dogs and a guy – so comfort, durability, and affordability are key factors when she decorates. (i.e. she says she had to choose dark bedding for when the dogs randomly jump on it, an affordable rug for when it inevitably gets spilled on or guests don’t remove their shoes, and a couch that remarkably never holds a stain!)  She says she proud to say that her entire home was furnished almost entirely off of Craigslist, thrift store, Ikea, and family hand-me-downs!
That’s what I like to hear! Enjoy her beautiful home. 
The Living Room:
The Dining Room:
The Entryway:
The Office:
The Bedroom:

My favorite room is this dressing room. How lucky is she to have a whole room for her clothes and shoes! 
The backyard patio:
Check out her blog to see her resource list for each of these rooms. + she has an etsy shop!