What I Love About… Stephanie from Stephmodo

Our Work | June 17, 2010

The next participant in my “What I love about…”series is Stephanie from the beautiful blog, Stephmodo.

What I love about Stephanie:
Anyone who has read Stephanie’s’ blog knows how fresh it is. Every post is beautiful and clean. She blogs about great design, delicious meals, organizing tips and insights on hot-spots in Utah. I asked her to share a few things she loves with us. 

What I love most about where I live:

Staring out at the beautiful mountains from my kitchen window, the relatively close proximity of the red rocks of southern Utah, and having the chance to watch Salt Lake City blossom and grow into a pretty cool city.  

What I love about Interior Design:
{her home}
I’m a firm believer in making a living space an enjoyable, lovely and happy place to be, especially if you spend a lot of time there!  It’s ideal that any place or space where you spend a lot of time reflects who you are to a great extent as it adds a special element to life.  While being surrounded with beauty is not the #1 priority in my life, it certainly makes me happy and attention to it causes me to appreciate beauty in so many things beyond interiors.  It’s interesting, once you start paying attention to creating beauty in your living space, you begin noticing it everywhere and in everything.

What I love about blogs:
{her office}
The chance to learn, grow and be inspired.  I love the insight and original talents shared by others that I admire. My favorite blog is Oh Happy Day.

What I love most about my life:
The opportunity to even have a life is something I am grateful for each day.  I love my children, my sweet husband and the wonderful, varied  and interesting experiences that make up that last 33.5 years of my life.  Health is also much-appreciated and not to be taken for granted.  I am very excited for what lies ahead–living life to the fullest is trés important!

What I am loving right now:

Good, healthy food like the Caprese sandwich from Les Madeleines, Carrot + Apple juice in the morning, and striped tops.
Thanks so much Stephanie for participating!