As Promised…

Our Work | July 14, 2010

Have you heard about “Blue Boy and Pinkie“.
Well apparently they are pretty awesome and now they are in our Master Bedroom. 

My husbands grandma gave us these needlepoint pieces which she made! I feel like these add just the right amount of historical and sentimental feel to our room. Pinkie sits above my nightstand and of course the Blue Boy is above my husbands. 

And how awesome are my new lampshades. We finally got some! These lamps are from PB Teen. The lamps themselves were $20 each and the shades where a whopping $35 each. I seriously feel like I waited years for them to go on sale and it never happened so I just sucked it up and bought them. I thought about making them myself but could never find the right size drum shade.

I love them.

Now I just need some awesome window treatments.