New Dog Bed

Our Work | July 10, 2010

Our little mutt Romie has a constant habit of getting on our furniture when we leave the house. She knows she’s not supposed to do it so she waits till we leave and then jumps off before we get home. She always leaves her trace though with drool stains and fur. It has been driving me crazy! So after 5 years of owning her we decided it was time to get her a bed. Since I had such a good experience with CSN stores last time I decide to see what they had to offer in terms of Dog Beds. 
They have a great selection:
I have always the Molly Mutt dog beds because of their “green” concept. Instead of throwing away old clothes, towels, blankets etc you just stuff them into your dog bed giving your doggy a nice place to sleep. 

These are also great if you are living in a space with not a lot of room or storage. You could keep your winter or summer clothes in here when you aren’t using them. 
Romie loves her new bed but unfortunately …

… so does Jett.

I’ll have to figure out how to keep him off of it. 
Check out CSN Stores for more great products!