My Life is an Open Book….

Our Work | September 23, 2010

I am so excited to be participating in the blog crawl today created by Beth of Hello, Splendor. Yesterday we got to read a chapter from the life of The Cashmere Cowboy.
This series is entitled, “my life is an open book” and we are supposed to take a chapter from our lives to share with you. I thought I’d share the story of how I came to be a mom + designer.

That’s me! A couple of years ago. Before baby.

The setting is Utah. Where I pretty much grew up and where I now live.
My family and husband are the characters in this little story. I’m the oldest of six kids and at the time that this story took place my husband and I were living with my parents and brothers and sisters.

I was in school and had a year left till graduation. My husband really wanted to have a baby but I wanted to wait…. a long time. I decided there really is never a right time to have kids and that we were just going to make it work even though I was in school. My family all helped me and supported me as I finally crossed the finish line of graduation.
 I thought that it was perfect timing. I could graduate and be a stay at home mom….
… while I do get to stay at home with my beautiful boy Jett I also decided to start my own business! Half the time I think I am crazy because of how much work it is. But I love it. I never ever thought I’d want to work and be a mom but so far it is going great.  This part of my life is definitely a twist but the best things in life are sometimes unplanned.

There are so many fun people participating in this blog crawl. Be sure to check out aphrochic tomorrow!