Office Details

Our Work | September 30, 2010

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments about my office. It is truly my favorite room in my house. I have gotten several emails from people wondering about specific things so I thought I would do a little run-down about where I got everything. 
It actually all started with the desk. Since I was spending all my time on the computer on the sofa or on the floor I was starting to develop some bad carpel tunnel in my wrist. So I decided I really needed to get a mouse. And if you have a mouse you kinda need a desk. And if you have a desk then you need an office! Anyway I knew I wanted a parsons desk so I actually found one on sale at Down East for $100. I have no idea who makes it. I’ve never seen a desk with green drawers but I really liked it. 
The Ghost Chair knock-off is from here. It has been my favorite chair for a few years and I knew it’s what I wanted. It is actually pretty comfortable but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a desk you sit at all day. After a few hours I have to get up and take a break. I also opted for the version without arms because it would have driven me crazy to have to scoot around them all the time. 
I adore my curtains. I just love the color combination plus the print is so pretty. I got the fabric for an amazing deal at Home Fabrics. I am not sure where it is from or what it is called.  My seamstress Erin sewed them for me and she did an incredible job. She also sells a pillow of this fabric in her shop! 
I got the rod at Hobby Lobby. It was like $11 with a coupon. 
The roman shade was actually the second thing I got for the room. I also found it at Down East and it was only $20! I am obsessed with it. I love it so much. It is actually an inch too short on each side but with the curtains covering the gap you’d never notice. 
Hanging in the corner of the room is this painting I got when I was in Russia. It has such special meaning to me. When I lived in St. Petersburg I’d go to the center all the time and this church is so beautiful. 
I like to keep my desk pretty clean since clutter can tend to pile up. I have a cup with pens and scissors, a matryoshka doll from Russia and this great little bird print done by ashmae that I picked up at the Bijou market
Here is my inspiration board. I have also dreamed of having one and it really does inspire me when I’m working on projects. One day I’d like to have a bigger one but for now it works great.

The chandelier is one of my very favorite things. It’s from CSN. The framed tree print is from Sugar Fresh. For some reason I found this image to be so calming. I just love the single tree with the birds and squirrel. 

The chevron frame in my bookshelf is from Furbish. It is so beautiful. I want one in every color. 

I still need to put some more things above the shelf. But for now I have my husband’s diploma next to mine. I got the & sign from Hobby Lobby for $5. 

The Expedit shelf is from Ikea. I know everyone has them but I have always loved them. Before I had this shelf everything was shoved into my closet in a very unorganized manner. Now everything has a spot and I love it. It really is the best feeling. The green boxes and baskets are from Ikea. They hold up okay. The boxes aren’t the best quality but they work for the time being. Plus they were super cheap. I’ve blogged about the magazine holders here
I got this flokati rug at Tuesday Morning for $30. I love it. It is so soft and so far I haven’t had any shedding problems. 
There is still a lot of work I need to do. But for now it is working out great. I can’t explain the happiness I feel from having a space all to myself.