A Word From Our Sponsors: Jylare Ann Photography

Our Work | September 9, 2010

I am starting a new series on my blog called “A word from our sponsors”.  I feel like I have the most amazingly talented sponsors on my blog. They are each so creative in what they do. Once a month I’d like to have one of my sponsors share some insight with you. The first participant is Jylare from Jylare Ann Photography
Today she is going to be sharing tips on photographing your home. 
First Tip:  Let Your Light Shine! 
Open up those windows and let the light pour through. You can’t go wrong with your curtains pulled to the side. If you have to, rearrange what you’re capturing to be in front the window. All your viewers can see is what’s in the camera’s frame. So make it work for you! The best time of day is around noon- when the sun is above your house and not blinding through your window. If you like the look of the lamps turned on (which I do) then go for it! It makes a whole different feel with the shadows the light creates. My window is shadowed by a large tree so if this is your problem, turn on those lamps and/or bump up your ISO. This might make the photo a slightly bit grainy but at least it won’t be dark.
Second Tip: It’s all in the details
What makes a room is the details- we all know that. So when your photographing your space focus in on the little things that make it special. It captures attention must better than just a picture of a room. Based your room around one or two objects? (A pillow, picture frame, rug, etc.) Then make sure to showcase this to show your audience how it all works together. With my necklace shot, that shows part of my personality that your viewers immediately see about you in your photo. 
Third Tip: Think Aesthetic
We live in our space but just because we do our bills on the dining table doesn’t mean we need to show that off. Remove what doesn’t look good. Hide those storage boxes and old papers- anything that creates clutter. Trust me- they won’t look good in a photograph. I removed a water bottle, a book and my hair band from my bedside table before I took these pictures- they weren’t part of my layout for the room and I knew they would distract from the main focus.
Fourth Tip: Change Your Perspective
Anyone can take a picture of a room straight on. Make it more interesting from an unexpected angle- from the top, underneath or far side. If you’re looking to get the whole room into the picture, you’ll probably need a wide angle lens. If you can, these are great for this purpose. 

Good luck and happy shooting! 🙂