A Word From Our Sponsors: Recycled Consign and Design

Our Work | October 13, 2010

Today I am highlighting my sponsor, Amanda from Recycled Consign and Design. She owns a consignment shop in Utah and always finds the best pieces for her store. I asked her to share with us her tips on separating the trash from the treasure when looking through antiques.

I am really excited to get to talk about how to find treasure in trash, I get asked all the time on how I know if a piece has potential to be amazing or a total flop.

First: You have to be patient, I know how hard this is, but good things come to those that wait! Don’t just run out and buy the first cheap thing you can find, know what you want, but be open to the unexpected.

Second: Go to the right places, thrift stores, DI, garage sells, consignment shops, (like mine, wink, wink). Go often, these places can change daily. Try to always be looking, you never know when the perfect thing will just appear. My sister was dumping some boxes in a dumpster one day and found these huge down filled cushion. They soon became custom ottomans for her and Me. I had been dreaming about a zebra one a zgallery that was a bit out of my budget, so this was very unexpected and with a little work looked just like I wanted!

Third: Test drive it! Is it sturdy? Does it have good bones? Don’t be afraid to sit in it, get down and dirty….open every drawer. This is your only chance to give it a once over. Maybe do a double take!

Fourth: Look past it’s ugly appearance and see it’s potential. Does it have great lines and detail? Can you see it in a new color or upholstery? Or here is a big one…can it be used as something new? I found this amazing headboard from the 1930’s but it had no rails or foot board so I thought it would make a beautiful bench. It only lasted 2 days in my shop.

Fifth: If you find it buy it! Don’t hesitate, it won’t last! I have learned my lesson on many occasions only to find the treasure I couldn’t stop thinking about now belonged to someone else. So always have your measurements of the space where you want this item to belong, if you go home to check it won’t be there when you come back!

Have fun…the thrill of the bargain hunt is half the excitement!

*Her shop is located at 1014 S. Main St. in  Cedar City. You can also contact her at wallscantalk@hotmail.com