Feature Friday: My New Living Room Curtains!

Our Work | November 19, 2010

So I know Feature Fridays aren’t supposed to be about me but I just had to share my new curtains with you today. 
Remember when I ordered the fabric for my curtains back in August? Well they are finally finished and hanging on my walls. It was actually a huge ordeal with the fabric. I ordered it for about $18 a yard on sale at Calico Corners and then a few days later I found it for $6 a yard at Fabrics.com!!  
What! So I returned the Calico Corners fabric and then I ordered from Fabrics.com instead. Even though I had to pay a $30 re-stocking fee to Calico Corners I still ended up saving a ton of money. 
Erin from Plush Studio did an amazing job sewing these for me. She seriously is amazing. If you are in need of custom curtains I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting her! 
They make a huge difference in my space. I think it’s going to take a little convincing for my husband but eventually he’ll get used to them.