What I Love About Stephanie from Sabbespot

Our Work | November 23, 2010

Today I am highlighting Stephanie Sabbe from the blog Sabbespot

Stephanie has an amazing eye and I very much admire her bold and exciting design style. Have you seen her chevron wall! She is a terrific designer and I am happy she is sharing a few of the things she loves with us today. 

Boston…EVERYTHING! We have the city, the beach, the mountains, and the country all within a 45 min. drive. We plan a different day trip almost every weekend when the weather is nice. Last weekend we took a 30 minute train ride to Salem to see Halloween witches and were home by dinner. 

I love seeing something happen out of nothing. I love drawing it and seeing it built. Some of the in between parts are not so glamorous. But seeing your work built is the drug that keeps us all coming back.
Some of my best Boston buddies are bloggers. I always say it’s like match.com for girls. You find out you have everything in common before you even meet. Bloggers I have not met, but love are:

this guy (my husband)

and this guy (my baby on the way)
this print I just got from annilygreen’s etsy shop 
these booties that Baby Sabbe has already told me he must have
these super cheap elastic waist skinny jeans. Forever 21, how did you know I was pregnant? 

Thanks so much to Stephanie for sharing a few of the things she loves with us. Make sure you check out her blog here