Feature Friday: August Fields

Our Work | February 25, 2011

Today I am featuring the amazing home of Sara from the blog August Fields. Here is what she said when I asked her to describe her style:
I find it hard to pinpoint my style into certain decorating terms such as ‘farmhouse’, ‘shabby chic’, ‘vintage’ etc.  I love them all!

I will say though, that I tend to start with a traditional base.  Our home in and of itself is a traditional style, two story home.  very symmetrical and classic.  This goes for interior base as well.  traditional mouldings, grated windows, wood floors and light painted walls.  For large pieces of upholstered furniture I typically have a timeless, traditional piece in a solid color.  From that point on though I love to layer with what I love.  mason jars, thrifted lamps, family photos, books, unique pillows, painted end tables, fancy chandeliers, mirrored end tables…..layers and layers.  I have always loved pairing old with new, fancy with plain.  

Please enjoy her beautiful home! 
The Kitchen and Dining 
The Living Room 
Read about her Slipcover sofas here
Sara home schools all her kids so of course they needed a room to do it in and what better place than their very own schoolroom! 
The floor is too perfect. 
The room has a little window to the kitchen so Sara always knows what’s going on in the schoolroom. 
There is  a place for everything! This is where she hangs her tablecloths. 
Oh My Gosh. Love the marble! 
Pretty, pretty, pretty. 
The knobs are from Restoration Hardware. 
Have you ever seen such amazing custom bunk beds! 

Each boy has is own little cubby in his bunk. 
I hope you enjoyed the tour. To get more great inspiration make sure you check out her blog