Feature Friday: designstILes

Our Work | February 11, 2011

I just recently discovered the most amazing home designed by Irene from the blog DesignstILes. I asked her to describe her style for me in a few words and this is what she said:
I’ve come up with some words to describe my ‘stile’ and they’re pretty simple. Colorful, cute and vintage. First and foremost, I’m attracted to color. You’ll see there’s lots of it in my house. And as much as I feel immature calling my stile cute, I can’t help but be attracted to things that make me say, “Oh my goodness, that’s so cute. I must have it.” I like to finish all my cutesy, colorful decor with vintage items. Whether it be a rotary phone in my kitchen (not pictured), a red 1950s television in my office, or some artwork painted by my husband’s great-aunt, I think vintage pieces really pull a room together. 
Take a look at her beautiful home. 
The Living Room

Isn’t this houndstooth chair yummy? 
The Dining Room
The Bedroom
The Bathroom 
This bathroom transformation is stunning. 
The Hallway 

This room was totally done on a budget and it looks fabulous! 

Thanks so much to Iren for showing off her home. To get more great inspiration make sure you check out her blog!