"K" is my Favorite Letter

Our Work | February 8, 2011

I have been living with almost nothing on top of my shelf in my office for months and months. I just couldn’t figure what to do that wasn’t going to be really expensive. So when I saw these cardboard letters at Joannes last week I bought two of them thinking I would paint them to resemble these Anthropologie letters via these instructions.  
But then I decided I just really needed some color up there. So the pink “k” was born! I just painted it with a roller brush and some craft paint. I went with gold glitter for my other “k”. I am obsessed with it. To do the gold “K” I just brushed it with glue and basically poured gold glitter all over it! 
I also picked up this cool little thing at Z Gallerie last week in their clearance section for $4. 
and just for fun…
… a little succulent for my desk for $2.99 at my local grocery store.