New Series: Good to Great

Our Work | February 10, 2011

Many of you have expressed the desire to do a reader submission series on my blog. I’ve been racking my brain for a great idea that would let me answer reader questions without taking up too much time.
One of my great clients came up with the idea of a series entitled Good to Great.
The premise of this series will be taking a simple problem in your home and taking it from good to great. There are many very easy and quick things you can do to improve areas in your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing out a picture frame, re-arranging furniture or changing out a throw-pillow. Today I am presenting you with our very first feature! 
Holly came to me with the dilemma of what to put above her living room sofa. She painted a large green stripe on the wall to try and fill up the large space. The green striped looked out of place and it made the wall feel incomplete. 
She also had tried to fill up the wall with a gallery type display. This also wasn’t working. It felt cluttered and disorganized. (which gallery walls often have a tendency to do).  
My easy solution to take this room from good to great was to paint over the green stripe, take down all the picture frames and add one statement piece instead. 
Here is the room now!  I suggested this great mirror from Z Gallerie. 
It’s a great price and is the perfect statement piece above the sofa. She also changed up a few of her pillows. And listen to how creative she is. You’ll notice the sage green leaves on her pillows in the first picture, well in the final picture you’ll notice those leaves are blue. She just painted them to match her other pillows. Genius! 
To be considered for the good to great series please send me an email with a problem area in your home that would be easy to update. Send your email to and please add “good to great” in the subject line.  I’ll only be accepting a few people. So first come first serve.