Confessions of a Designer: Amanda Hill

Our Work | March 31, 2011

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Amanda on various occasions and she is always a sweetheart. I love her personality! Her blog, business and store are proof that she is living her dream. 
Here are her confessions of a designer. 
My “ideal client” would have to be someone who trusted me, I don’t want a client who always goes along with every detail…don’t get me wrong sometimes thats just refreshing and easy but if they were all that way the job wouldn’t be challenging! I want them to have an opinion because in the end it’s their home and they need to love it. I want to fight for the things that I believe will make that design perfect. I think you can only do this if there is trust! If my client trust me, they can take that leap of faith and believe that our vision for the space is going to happen and thats why they hired me.
Design by Amanda Hill
Although as a designer I can be versatile, I believe a client should pick a designer because they like what that designer does and they like their style sense. I really hate when I get a client who wants me to design a space that I can’t love too, it kinda feels like it’s not my best work! As designers this this can be frustrating. I want to put my name on spaces that I love!
I think the biggest “myth” about designers is that we all push the most expensive items in decor on you. Most of us are real people with real budgets too and we can find a balance that works within your needs. I love the mix of high and low prices items. You should spend your money on staple items like your sofa, bed, dinning set, etc. Fill in the blanks with all prices ranges, just make sure you only bring in things you love! As a designer I love to shop at Target too!
Design by Amanda Hill
To make the relationship easier between you and your designer, take the time to communicate often. If you are both on the same page at all times, your project will run more smoothly and get finished on a better schedule. {Notice I said a “better schedule”…it never gets done on time, just a better one :)} So touch base often!
E-Design’s are one of my most favorite! Mostly because 80% of it I can do in my PJ’s {don’t tell my clients} To have a successful outcome you need to be very thorough on the details of the space. Most of the time I will never see the space in person so I need ALL the nitty gritty. You have to be very honest too. I need to know how you really use the space and how you want to use it. All the stuff I would see if I were really there! As a designer I can tell a lot by being in your home, so for e-design the more info I can get the better!
Design by Amanda Hill
I love this question! If I were to hire a designer to help with my space and budget was no issue, I would hire Genevieve Gorder! I am pretty sure I have never met a space she has put her hands on that I didn’t love! If I hired her, I would just say “go for it” and walk away! Having total trust in her work would be easy….not to mention that her taste in fashion is right up my alley too! Love that girl, xoxo!