Confessions of a Designer: Autumn

Our Work | March 28, 2011

I am so excited to have Autumn participating in this series. Her blog is one of my favorites. Her interiors are always polished and beautiful.
Here are her confessions of a designer. 
Someone who trusts me, and has a good idea of what they like and want.
Interior by Autumn 
Look at their work. most designers have a certain “look” or aesthetic that they typically tend to follow. if you love bright colors and over-the top pattern, don’t select a designer who is known for doing subtle, tone-on tone interiors.
Interior by Autumn 
The biggest myth is that only “rich” people can afford designers. i think everyone can afford a designer! even if you can only afford a single hour of a designers time, you should go for it. i promise that a GOOD designer will be able to fill your head with so many ideas and suggestions that you will wonder why in the world you waited so long for help.
Interior by Autumn 
listen. be on time. always answer phone calls and e-mails. be honest. 
Interior Board by Autumn 
I always start off every e-design consult with a phone call. i take at least 30 minutes prior to the call to look at all the pictures they sent me, and access their wants and needs for the space. then i make a list of questions to ask them, and we discuss the room and possible directions. i find this really helps me to get an idea of who my client is, and what they want for each space. sure, this information could be handled through -mail, but i feel that i find out in 45 minuted on the phone what it would take me several days and 30 e-mails to discover. plus, we get to “officially” meet, and to me, that is priceless.
oooo…this is a hard one! i have so many favorites! susan ferrier, barbara barry, mary mcdonald, vincente wolf, tobi fairly, suzanne kasler….

but, if i had to pick just one designer, it would probably be…oh, this is killing me! ok, i choose sarah richardson. I know i would end up with a polished, sophisticated room that i loved, but I also fantasize that sarah, tommy and I would hang out and laugh the whole time.
Thanks Autumn! Make sure you check out her blog