Confessions of a Designer: Bryn Dunn

Our Work | March 31, 2011

Bryn + me in New York
Bryn continues to amaze me with her design skills. She is truly so talented and her blog is one of my very favorites.  I look forward to reading it everyday. I have loved watching her business evolve and I get so excited every time she posts pictures of a new project. 
Here are her confessions of a designer. 
Working together to create a home is a very personal thing. My ideal client is someone I “click” with and can be candid with. Someone who trusts me to do my thing while I’m in their home, as if I’m just another friend or family member playing with their throw pillows. 
Desgin by Bryn Alexandra Interiors
Again, pick someone that you “click” with. It’s also important to choose someone who has a similar style to you but will also help you make those more bold decisions when it’s right for you and your home. Also, a designer should always ask you how you LIVE in the space, not just how you want it to look. 
Desgin by Bryn Alexandra Interiors
The biggest myth is that it is super expensive to work with a designer. Sure, some designers out there demand $5,000 upfront just to meet with them, but there is a designer or decorator out there for everyone and every budget. Ask for a flat fee if you are nervous about the cost of a designer; I always offer an hourly rate OR a flat fee per the client’s preference. A flat fee is an easy way to budget for the cost of a designer.

Also, what a lot of people don’t know is designers often pass on savings to their clients which greatly cuts costs in the long run. I give my clients a 25% discount on everything purchased to the trade (fabric, wallpaper, even lamps and accessories when I can).

Desgin by Bryn Alexandra Interiors
Communication! When working with clients, I will tell you if something isn’t right for your space. But more importantly, you should always tell your designer if you don’t LOVE something.
Pictures are key. The more pictures of the space, the better. The better quality pictures, the better. Also, I always ask my clients to send me inspiration pictures. This always helps me determine their style and the feeling they want to get with the space I am designing.
Erika of Urban Grace Interiors. She’s one of the first designers I ever started to follow and I ADORE her (even though I’ve never met her). 
Thanks Bryn! Make sure you check out her blog here