Confessions of a Designer: Janell Beals

Our Work | March 28, 2011

Janell has shown us time after time that she has talent. Her DIY projects are sensational and her interiors are fresh and unique every time. Somehow she balances motherhood, her blog, an upcoming magazine and her business while still looking fabulous! 
Here are her confessions of a designer. 
An ideal client is one who has chosen to work with you because they trust your opinion while also having a good understanding of the cost that goes into creating a space, and respects that part of this cost covers the services of the designer.
Design by Janell Beals
Look at the work of several designers who have experience working on the type of space you are tackling. Speak with clients who have worked with them before, then determine who would be the best fit.
Design by Janell Beals
One myth is that the designer will be able to make all the correct choices for the particular space immediately and that the process should be a quick one.
Design by Janell Beals
It’s very important to explain thoroughly, before agreeing to work together, what the estimated cost and timeframe will be to complete the scope of work. 
If I could hire a designer to work on my home it would without a doubt be Elizabeth Dinkel. Her work is simply amazing.

Thanks Janell! Make sure you check out her blog