Here and There

Our Work | March 3, 2011

Last week I added a few new things to my office. 
I wanted something a little brighter in my pen holder. Some personalized pencils from Oriental Trading did the trick. 
I picked up an orchid from the grocery store and it is my new best friend. So far it’s still alive. Cross your  fingers that it stays that way. 
You know I can never get enough inspiring quotes. Especially in my office. 
I got this one recently from the etsy shop, The Living Room Floor.  It’s by the same girl that made these popular tags. I love her new quotes. 
You can never have too many inspiring words of wisdom in your home in my opinion. 
I cleaned up and added a few things to my inspiration board. 
And then lastly I framed this painting I did back in college. It was from my color theory class. Basically I had to create the gradation of red. The touch of pink looks great on my shelf. 
I love little updates to rooms. It creates a fresh feel without having to do anything major.