$500 Room Makeover

Our Work | April 12, 2011

As you know I’ve been working on my mom’s guest room. Currently this is the “junk” room where all the leftover furniture gets dumped. And also where my brother sleeps. Hence the mess. 
My mom only gave me $500 for the budget of this room so I had to use a lot of what we already had 
Here is the after! 
This room is huge and it was important to split it into three designated areas. 
For the bedding I kept the original bedding but I flipped the comforter over so only the solid side was showing and I folded it at the end of the bed. 
The floral pillows were made by me to cut cost and they were made with the inspiration fabric for the whole room. The fabric was $5.99 a yard at Home Fabrics. 
I used this fabric to make the lumbar. 
I had Erin sew this one because I really wanted piping and I didn’t want to attempt doing it myself. 
You can read more about the art above the bed here
The nightstand was my mom’s old nightstand that I just painted. 
Here it is before. 
I painted it black and added a knob from Hobby Lobby. 
The gold lamp was $6 at a thrift store and I already had the shade sitting around in my basement. The items on the nightstand were also items I already had around my house. So I didn’t have to spend any money on them! 
There are three windows in this room that needed roman shades. 
Roman shades can be very pricey and 3 roman shades for a room with a small budget is not easy to do. So I found 3 plain white shades at Down East for $20 each. I then glued a strip of velvet fabric to the edges of the shade to give them more of a custom feel. The zebra pillow was sewn by me and the fabric was $3 a yard at Home Fabrics. 
On to the desk area….
This was a desk that was already in the room. The chair was also already in her home. I just painted it black and reupholstered the seat myself with some cream fabric. 
The bulletin board was such a fun project and I loved how it turned out. You can read more about it here. The lamp was a great deal. You can read about it here
The green sofas were the biggest challenge in the room. They are NOT at all cute. So I did what everyone should do with less-than-pretty sofas they can’t get rid of. I covered them with pillows! 
I made most of these pillows myself with fabric from Home Fabrics. 
I am not an expert at sewing pillows and under normal circumstances with a normal budget I would hire it out. I sewed about 8 pillows total for this room. 
Our seating area needed a rug but rugs can be pricey. So I made a good ole’ chevron rug. I didn’t really use any tutorials although there are plenty of them out there. 
I bought the rug at Ikea for $30. 
The small coffee table is also from Ikea and it was only $20. 
You can read about the art above the sofa here. The frames were frames we already had. 
The pink pillows were made by Erin awhile ago for my bedroom. I thought they worked perfectly in this room. And the brown damask print was bought at Home Fabrics for $3 a yard but you can also buy it here
So there you have it! 
A room makeover for around $500. 
And now for a moment I want to get on my soap box about budget. I will admit there are many things about this room that I love. I love how tight budgets make you think outside the box and get really creative. I love how I was able to come up with cheap solutions for things that we really needed in the room. 
However, if you are going to do a room on a tight budget you need to be prepared to do A LOT of the work yourself. Sewing,  painting, art work, rugs, re-upholstering. I spent hours and hours of just labor time on this room. You also need to realize that things are not going to be great quality. Things like the coffee table, rug, roman shades and paint jobs may look fine on camera but up-close they are not going to be “perfect”. These are just things to keep in mind if you have a tight budget.
 It’s definitely do-able! But, not always easy.