Back From My Travels

Our Work | April 8, 2011

I had the best time ever visiting Bryn this week. 
Her home is incredible. I know she hasn’t finished it yet but that is one of the reasons I love it so much. Each piece in her home is very deliberate and she is taking her time with decorating it. 
I sat at this table with Bryn and her husband the night that I got there. Her neighborhood is really lovely and we had a great view of her backyard from her kitchen. 

She took me on a tour of her whole home and showed me all of the things she is planning to do. Believe me guys, it’s going to be good!! 

I got to stay in this beautiful guest room. I loved it. 
One of my favorite rooms in her home is her office. It’s so beautiful. On Tues. night we poured over fabrics and oohed and ahhed over our favorites. Looking at fabrics is one of my very favorite things to do and it’s especially fun when someone gets excited about them with me!
Speaking of getting excited about design on Wednesday Bryn and I headed out to High Point Market. 
I mostly went to Market for the experience. I think it’s very important to expose yourself to really really good design and that is what market is all about! Room after room of stunning furniture, fabrics, accessories, lighting and art! 
That night we met up with Traci and Emily for dinner. We chatted like we were old friends. It’s amazing when you find people who truly understand you and get what you are going through. We talked about the joys of designing and blogging and we gave each other advice and support. It was wonderful.
I truly had the best time. Bryn is so gracious and so kind in “real-life”. I can’t wait to go see her again!