E-Design Bedroom Before and After

Our Work | April 18, 2011

A few months ago Shannon hired me to help her with her bedroom. 
As you can see she had already made some great progress but it was feeling too dark for her. 
Here is the board I created incorporating some gray, yellow and teal elements. 
As is usually the case with my e-design clients she took my ideas and ran with them. 
I suggested a different wall color and I think it really helps lighten up the room. 
I also suggested moving the gallery wall over to the desk area. I thought one large item like a mirror would look really good over the bed. 
We chose new bedding from West Elm
This popular dwell fabric was used to reupholster a chair. 
As suggested Shannon used the desk area for her gallery wall. 
I think this room turned out great. Thanks so much to Shannon for letting me share it!