What I Love about Will from Bright Bazaar

Our Work | May 19, 2011

If any of you have read Will’s blog you will know why I have a million reasons to love him. He has an incredible eye for design and graphics. I love how crisp his blog posts are and how his witty sense of humor always shines through. But most of all I love that we can both appreciate a healthy does of color! He is a talented stylist and he also writes a column for Rue! 
Today he is sharing some of the things he loves with us.
I’ve recently moved back to London and it’s great to be back in such a vibrant and creative city. The opportunities for exploring are endless, from glorious parks to vintage markets and some of the world’s best retailers, designers and artists there is always something to inspire and engage the mind.
Not to mention the breathtaking architecture! I love how I can be in the countryside in half an hour if I travel in one direction, or in the beating heart of the city in a matter of minutes if I travel in the other direction.
As a prop stylist I really appreciate the effort that goes into creating a wonderful interior. Whilst a stylist adds those extra flourishes at the end, the little things that might catch your eye after a couple of visits to space, it is the interior designer whose talent shines through in a room. I’ll always admire the talent and effort that goes into creating an interior. Given my penchant for colour, I’m often drawn to spaces with plenty of zingy hues, but I also appreciate the calm and peacefulness of a rustic space.
For me, blogging is a wonderful way to connect with and meet like minded people. Each day I feel grateful for the friendships and opportunities I have been afforded with through blogging. I couldn’t possibly name all of my favourite blogs (there are just too many!) but I love the graphic style of Bekka Palmer’s blog Minted Condition, and Bri Emery’s designlovefest. I’m also hugely addicted to Pinterest.
I am so grateful for the love and support of my partner, and for all the fun travels, adventures and fun times we have together.
Without doubt I’m crushing on nautical blues at the moment. I love this striped runner from H&M Home, along with the coordinating cushion and this super fun planter.
Thank you for having me, Kirsten, it’s such a pleasure to be guest posting on your blog.

Thanks Will! Make sure you check out his great blog