Sale Recap and Other Stuff

Our Work | July 2, 2011

Yesterday’s sale was so much fun! It was a crazy day but it was so great to meet Caitlin Wilson and hang out with Caitlin Creer. Thanks to everyone who came. I know it was super short notice so we were so grateful to those who could make it. 
I still have a LOT of stuff left over so I’m going to be selling it on my blog next week. Get excited… 
In other news I wanted to share two guest posts that I’ve done recently with you. 
The first is some snippets of my kitchen on A Diary of Lovely
And most recently I did a guest post for Emily A. Clark that I just loved. 
I showed some pictures of our old apartment. I CAN NOT believe how far I’ve come. Crazy. Check it out here
And finally, I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the paint color from the bedroom makeover I did this week. It’s a kwal paint called plaza.
I hope you are all having a great Holiday Weekend!