Sprinkles Baby Shower

Our Work | August 9, 2011

I am entering the stage in my life now where people are starting to have their second child. You’ve probably heard that throwing a shower for someone’s second baby is often referred to as a “sprinkle”. I decided to run with that theme for my friend’s baby girl shower. 
I created the invitations in Power Point. I am a Photo Shop rookie and I pretty much use Power Point for everything. For the envelope liners I just cut scrapbooking paper to size and glued it in. 
The decorations were pretty minimal. I found the pretty watercolor-ish floral fabric at Home fabrics for $2 a yard. I bought 2 yards and made a make-shift tablecloth. 
I made ruffle streamers from this tutorial. The dot garland was simple and fun to make. I just cut out tons and tons of dots and sewed them together. 
I also glittered some letters to spell out Baby using the same technique I used here
One of my best friends Lisa made these delicious sugar cookies. 
I made this Raspberry Punch and it was a huge hit and super yummy. 
For the favors everyone got their own sprinkles jar. I put a little glitter tape on each jar using this tutorial. 
It was a great time! I am so happy for my friend Kristen. One of the best parts of the shower is that her cute baby had already been born so we got to ooh and ahh over her the entire time. 
Isn’t she precious!