Budget Finds for the Model Home

Our Work | November 15, 2011

I would say this model home is going to be a good mix of high-end products mixed with budget finds. That is how I like to approach most of my rooms. I’ve been searching all over the place for good deals. Here are a few great deals I’ve found on products for the model home.
An entire upholstered queen bed for $599 from Costco! It even has some nailhead detailing. This will be going in the master bedroom. 
This media piece is only $399 and it looks really beautiful. I’m not sure about the quality. You’ll have to read the reviews but the shape itself is really great and I love the pulls on the doors. 
You know I love to frame a calender. This one is getting framed in the office. I also love this one. I wish I had a place for it. 
Speaking of the office this chair is going to be at the desk. I’m not sure how sturdy it is but for a model home I think it’s perfect. Plus it’s only $33! 
I’m finding lots more stuff everyday. I can’t wait till the home is finished and I can share all the sources and info with you!