Rebekka Seale Review

Our Work | November 9, 2011

You know sometime when you stumble across a blog and you become hooked. Like you just want to curl up and read this blog like a book because you are so enthralled and captivated by this bloggers story, presence and even style. That’s how I felt when I came across Dear Friend.  Rebekka is a beautiful writer and photographer and she also just happens to be an incredible artist and graphic designer. 
She has an etsy shop where she sells her beautiful illustrations. 
When I visited her shop I also noticed that she can do custom illustrations of your home. I thought this was the cutest idea. I approached her about doing one of our home in exchange for a review.  She was great to work with and within a few weeks I had this amazing rendering of my home. 
It’s perfect. It’s a gift that we will always treasure. I love my house and this drawing perfectly captures how quaint and sweet it is. 
I hung it up on my gallery wall in my kitchen for all to see it! I’ve already gotten so many compliments. I think this would be such a perfect Christmas gift. Thank you to Rebekka for doing this! Make sure you check out her blog and shop