Thoughts on Pinterest and my New Favorite Pins

Our Work | December 20, 2011

Pinterest is quickly becoming everyones newest obsession. Sometime I wonder if it’s replacing blogs.  What do you think? I used to check blogs first thing in the morning but now I find myself hopping on Pinterest as soon as I wake up. 
Are blogs still needed? Sometimes it scares me think that Pinterest is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite ways to find DIY ideas, beautiful images and inspiration. I think it has given all bloggers a wake up call. No longer is just posting pretty pictures going to cut it. I think now we are all needing to find new ways to stay original. Somehow we need to show you things that you can’t find anywhere else. 
What are your thoughts about it? 
In the meantime here are a few of my very favorite pins as of late. Enjoy! 
Jamie Meares is my favorite. These stools are amazing. 

Okay that’s it. I want a yellow kitchen. Love the floor, love the subway tile to the ceiling and love the dark countertop. Love it all. 
Okay, seriously? There are no words for how much I love this dresser re-vamp done by The Southern Eclectic
via Katie Armour, the neo-traditionalist 
I love love love the colors of this home. It’s weirdly similar to my own house. Maybe that’s why? 
I love this outfit so much I pinned it twice. 
And finally… 
This ikat bowl from C Wonder is calling my name. Love it!