Paris Room Before and After

Our Work | February 22, 2012

Back in July I had a client contact me about helping her finish up a room in her apartment in Paris. Umm…. yes! 
Meaghan is living in Paris while her husband is stationed there with the military. The room was overwhelming to her because of the size. She really wanted a little bit more color and personality in the room. 

This is what we started with. Not too bad. The floors and fireplace are so beautiful. She already had most of the furniture and she wanted to keep her curtains if we could. So I came up with a plan that would add some color to this already beautiful room. 
Here is the design board. 
Working across the world proved to be rather difficult. Meaghan was a dream client to work with but the time differences made communication take longer. We also couldn’t get a lot of things shipped from the U.S. to Paris. But we worked together to get the room together. 
Here it is now!

We went through many different rug options but ultimately decided on FLOR tiles. These were perfect for shipping overseas. Plus my client loves them. This rug really was the key in getting the room anchored. 
We were going to go with a tufted West Elm settee but my client was walking through Paris and saw this one in a shop window! It’s beautiful and it was great we didn’t have to worry about shipping it. The pillows are from Z Gallerie
My client had two Louis style chairs that she wanted to recover. We chose this vibrant red fabric. 
This project was one of the highlights of my business so far. To know that I could help someone so far away from me in Paris finish a space that she now loves is really amazing to me. It’s also fun that we didn’t have to add too much to this room or spend too much money to really turn it around and make it feel more homey for my client.