The Story of a Room: The Room Reinvented

Our Work | April 18, 2012

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So at this point what started out as an almost finished room had evolved into something else. While it’s hard to start over on things in a room I’m really glad my client was honest with herself at this point in the process. If she had moved forward with things she didn’t love she would have never felt happy in that room. 

The room as a whole just wasn’t feeling “right” to her. Here are the things my client wanted going forward in the room: 
She also committed to herself to stop buying mindless accessories which is something we all do. She would pick up “good deals” here or there but then end up not loving them. So we wanted to move forward with purposeful pieces. Those two Kohl’s side tables were great deals but she didn’t love them. So we took them out of the plan.

She also decided the rug was a little too “heavy” feeling for the room and I agreed so now we needed a new rug. 

She mentioned she wanted more green and a natural feel in the room so I fell in love with this fabric. 
It’s Kelmscott Manor in Indigo by Schumacher and then I thought it would be great paired with Schumacher’s Betwixt. 
This was the new board that we were running with. 
She had also mentioned loving Hot House in Spark
I wasn’t sold on it just because I’ve seen it used sooooo much but she loved it so we ordered samples of all three fabrics for her to see which she liked best. 
I also took a trip to the showroom and pulled some other fabric I liked for the room just to give her more options.
You may remember this fabric from this post here
But after all that she still liked the Hot House best. So I told her just to be sure I would have her go out to the showroom with me and we would look at every possible other option. After going out there we found a green and blue fabric that we both loved with hints of orange and chartreuse.
We both loved the youthful feel of this fabric. It was easy going and breezy. Just what we wanted. So with a new fabric in mind we now had a new plan. 
But we still had the issue of the rug! Stay tuned tomorrow for The Story of a Room: Final Details and a Sneak Peak.