Happenings in my Home

Our Work | May 17, 2012

We have a lot of things going on at my house. First of all as you are all aware we are trying to finish up Jett’s room. That project is coming along pretty well. When the baby comes at the end of the summer my office will be turning into a nursery. 
While technically this room could be considered ready for a baby girl to move right in I am feeling an urge to do something different. The problem is I just don’t know what! I feel all this pressure with this room for some reason. What if this is the only girl I ever have and the only girl nursery I get to do in my home? I just want it to be extra special but I don’t really know the direction I’m going to head in yet. 
See even designers get stumped sometimes! 
We have also begun the process of finishing our basement. 
Here it is in it’s current state.
Pretty exciting huh?
Basically we’ll have a t.v./playroom and that back bedroom will be my new office. So now I have a basement and office to decorate somehow. It’s really a lot to take on right now especially while juggling my own clients and trying to do this all before the baby comes at the end of the Summer! 
Stay tuned to see progress with all of these spaces. Let’s hope I get it figured out!