Shelves for Jett's Room

Our Work | May 9, 2012

We have finally made some progress on Jett’s big boy room. You can see his nursery here.  I want most of it to be a surprise but I’m going to share bits and pieces as we go. I have a lot of challenges in this room but one of the biggest is the lack of space. It’s really small and I don’t want it to feel visually crowded. We were in desperate need of storage for books but I was worried a bookshelf would feel too bulky. I was delighted when I came across  this blog post from Effortless Style. She mentioned some shelves she found via Freckles Chic that were clear. 
The shelves are from Clear Solutions and they are really reasonably priced.  
We recently got them hung in Jett’s room and I am really happy with how they look. 
They make the books appear like they are just floating on the wall and for a room as tiny as Jett’s they are perfect. 
On an unrelated note there is someone I had removed from this picture. But I thought you should all see what I have to deal with in this teeny tiny room. 
This is “big bear” and he was a present to Jett from my sweet sweet mother-in-law from Costco. Jett is obsessed with him and unfortunately won’t let me remove him from his room. He is obviously very bulky and he drives me a little crazy. But at least we have those wonderful clear shelves to balance out Jett’s giant friend.